People Places and Dreams provides Peer Supportive Services, Recovery Housing, Substance Use Disorder Treatment, and Gambling Addictions Treatment.

Mission Statement

To provide peer supportive services to those struggling with mental health disorders, alcoholism, substance use disorders, addictions, domestic abuse, sexual violence, situational and environmental distress, and/or trauma.


People, Places, and Dreams is a collaborative of supportive services including Peer Support, Recovery Housing, Groups, Gambling Initiative, Parenting Classes, and Professional Development that connects the substance use and mental health community to supportive services while in ongoing treatment or therapy.

Peer Supportive Services

Peer Supportive Services, Recovery Housing, Advocacy, Education, and Groups paired with Clinical Services, makes for a Collaborative Approach in addressing all Dimensions of Wellness for those affected with Mental Health Disorders, Substance Use Disorders, Alcoholism, and/or Gambling Disorders. Peer Supportive Services and Groups for those diagnosed with Opioid Use, Substance Use, Alcohol, and/or Mental Health Disorders

Community Wellness

We provide Advocacy for those involved in the Criminal Justice System including Drug Court, Children Family Services, Parole/ Probation to encourage compliance and prevent recidivism.


Our peer supporters offer support groups such as Trauma, Substance Use, Mental Health, Gambling, Minorities Issues, LBGTQ Conversations, Domestic Abuse, Parenting, Women Issues, and Men’s Issues.

Let’s Be Blunt

Marijuana Harm Reduction and Job Readiness Program, is designed to assist client seek ways to decrease frequency of use, introduce stress/ coping alternatives, and increase employability for clients/ employers. Adult Marijuana Harm Reduction & Job Readiness Program

CRAPS: Minority Gambling Disorder Awareness Initiative

Exploring minority gambling in the urban communities. What does a gambling addiction look like? Groups discuss topics like the Casino Blues, Corner Craps, and Sport Gambling. Minority Gambling Awareness Initiative

Recovery Homes specializing in Opioid Use Disorder for Women w/ Children, LBGTQ (Substance Use/Alcohol).

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Hour Support


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